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Inside The White House Private Residence of the Obama

By 1963, the magazine’s subtitle had been altered to A Pictorial Digest of Outstanding Architecture, Interior Design, and Landscaping,[citation needed] and it began publishing on a bimonthly schedule. [citation needed] In 1965, The Architectural Digest and its publishing company were purchased by Cleon T. Knapp, who was the magazine’s “jack-of-all-trades” and Brasfield’s grandson. Knapp son of Brasfield’s daughter Sarah “Sally” Brasfield Knapp (1910–1996), who served, at various times, as the magazine’s editor in chief, managing editor, and associate publisher. [citation needed] The magazine’s subtitle was altered to The Quality Guide to Home Decorating Ideas in 1966, and was changed again, in 1971, to The Connoisseur’s Magazine of Fine Interior Design, and in 1976 to The International Magazine of Fine Interior Design. The John C. Brasfield Publishing Company was renamed Knapp Communications Corporation in 1977. [citation needed]